When on Raasay I did some slow walking. Raasay is a beautiful Scottish island, it is silent and there are no crowds on the roads.

Slow walking is paying attention to the path, the verges of the road and the surroundings.

I listen to the sounds of water and birds; to use my binoculars I have to stand still. I watch the hills for deer, then a golden eagle flies above me. Crows chase the eagle away.

I prefer to do slow walking on my own. Walking in company could be very pleasant, but slow walking is a solitary act.

I love to take photos when walking. It channels my attention to the visible here and now but even without a camera one could have this kind of attention. We can use our eyes as if we are looking for a photography subject.

Cheers to the people who maintain the paths. Thanks for the stepping stones they provide for, the small bridges and crossings to climb over fences.

Crossing By @jaapsoft

Slow walking is only about walking. Walking is “an sich” (a ‘thing-in-itself ‘as defined in Kantian philosophy). The destination is not the most important part of the journey.

Slow walking is enjoying moments.

There is no app for slow walking, no phone is needed…and if somebody did make an app, then it would count neither steps nor time…

Maybe elderly people slow walk not just because they cannot go fast? And youngsters too can choose to walk slowly or take a stroll.

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