• Lifeslice obliges Alan points us to something I had not considered when watching In Limbo. The POV of the device. On reading his response to my initial post I was left thinking about the potential use of our devices for learning about ourselves. I often write and talk about this potential. The fact that our devices remember and […] Mariana 4 responses May 17, 2015
  • What Our Devices See In her launch of this dialogue, Mariana started with the experience of Paul Miller in living a year without using the internet. I was haunted by that blank face of his as the busy world (is that New York City?) passed by him; he was the only one standing slow. He was in limbo. Because […] Alan No responses May 6, 2015
  • Delight and discomfort in limbo “IN LIMBO questions the future of our individual and collective memory in the Internet era, from the point of view of all the data that will survive us. Built around a story of thirty minutes uploading your personal data, IN LIMBO takes you to the heart of a sensory journey in our connected memory.” This […] Mariana No responses March 6, 2015