• In praise of slow walking align=”center” When on Raasay I did some slow walking. Raasay is a beautiful Scottish island, it is silent and there are no crowds on the roads. Slow walking is paying attention to the path, the verges of the road and the surroundings. I listen to the sounds of water and birds; to use my binoculars […] No responses May 8, 2017
  • The art of just watching According to Cornelis Verhoeven, a Dutch philosopher, action-orientation is the belief in the necessity of activity alongside the rejection of passivity. Action oriented people believe that it is better to do something than wait passively for action to emerge from a given situation. Loafing is regarded by these ‘activistische ideologen en moralisten’ (activist ideologues and […] 3 responses April 2, 2016
  • (Re)Learning to read One way to read with more attention and more care is using the Book Journal. You need a notebook and a pen at hand when you are reading. You read with the intention to write down at least one sentence of the book. The Daily Stillness recently published tips about slow reading. Slow reading aims to reconnect us with […] No responses December 11, 2015
  • Silence and creativity The creative thinking process requires the silent pause. After a first phase of thinking about a new idea I need some rest, I need incubation time. I often imagine the unconscious mind continues pondering during my silent incubation time. The brain and our intuition needs silence. Intuition has a very tiny voice. You cannot hear it unless […] No responses November 21, 2015
  • You need self control to remain the master of your device How does your device help you with self control and preventing stress and pain? Recently on the Daily Stillness we explored apps to help digital stillness. One was called Pause to support mindfulness training and the other was called Self Control to help us focus when online. I saw the daily activities and wanted to share my […] No responses November 2, 2015