• Lifeslice obliges Alan points us to something I had not considered when watching In Limbo. The POV of the device. On reading his response to my initial post I was left thinking about the potential use of our devices for learning about ourselves. I often write and talk about this potential. The fact that our devices remember and […] Mariana 4 responses May 17, 2015
  • Mindful Communication online? Impossible! I have taught a course on Mindful Communication this semester.  I created an ‘interpersonal meditation lab’ and invited my students to join me. It was all online and it was a closed community. Yet, the rules were simple. Mariana 10 responses May 11, 2015
  • What Our Devices See In her launch of this dialogue, Mariana started with the experience of Paul Miller in living a year without using the internet. I was haunted by that blank face of his as the busy world (is that New York City?) passed by him; he was the only one standing slow. He was in limbo. Because […] Alan No responses May 6, 2015