The Digital Dialogues are our way of sharing our conversations about Still Web concepts.

They mirror many of the conversations the two of us have carried on via Skype. Very typically we will introduce a paper, blog post, video, and marvel at both our similar reactions but often different perceptions of these materials.


We have decided to play these out on the Still Web in a format where we dialogue via series of posts. This is out conversation format. And it is subject to change.

The Opening

Either one of us can introduce a video, a paper, article, blog post. We are not writing an essay or an erudite analysis, but we offer a reason why it is relevant to the Still Web and a rational for having a dialogue about it. Each Dialogue is created as its own category on this site.

As an example, see Mariana’s opening for a dialogue on the web documentary In Limbo, with her post Delight and Discomfort In Limbo residing in a category of its own.

Question for ruling: Should we have only one dialogue running at a time?

The Response

The other one of us then is incumbent to make a response post, this is not necessarily a rebuttal, but can either build off of the Opening, or identify another aspect.

For an example, see Alan’s first response for In Limbo (link coming)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat


The conversation then continues back and forth, over not set length of time or number of responses. It’s a conversation, so as long as both parties have interest.

(add more examples when we have them)

The Closing


At some time either conversant can ask for closure (“I think I’m done with this one”), leaving with further possible discussion points left on the table. They should summarize what they think has been gleaned from the conversation.

The Last Parlay

Once a closure has been offered, the other person should acknowledge, and maybe offer any last points, and offer their own summary. It’s done.

That’s how we will try to converse


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